Reliability in electroplating process.


Through the use of technology for online measurement of deposition thickness, deposition rate and current efficiency could be result different cost advantages:

  • Avoiding of over coating
    - Saving of metal
    - Saving of process chemistry
  • Replacement of manual samples
    - Saving of manpower
    - Saving of material (Probes, Coating)
  • Increasing of plant throughput
    - Increased turnover is possible
  • Avoiding of under coating
    - Saving trough avoiding of rework
  • Early detection of process deviations or faults
    - Saving trough avoiding of rework or waste
  • Improved current efficiency in electroplating
    - Saving of material costs (Metal, process chemistry)
    - Saving of energy


Cost-benefit-calculator for application of dresor EL in electroless nickel processes: